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The second child born from the union of Jeremiah and Daisy in a country town of Mt. Pleasant south of Shreveport, Louisiana. Starting at an early age, Sharon have always had a desire to learn more, to do more, to share more, to experience more, to love more. More has been an unselfish motivational drive that has ordered each step she takes in everyday walk of life. Sharon has been gifted in different ways to help others. A special anointing covers her singing, teaching, comforting and leadership skills.

Although she is educated with degrees and certifications; she continue to seek more wisdom, knowledge and understanding. A scripture to best describe her drive would be from the King James Version: If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. As an adult, Sharon’s dependency has become solely on God and His instructions for every move she makes in all endeavors.


Earlier in Life Sharon experience what seems to had been a rollercoaster when it came to trying to find real Love. That rollercoaster stopped after she had been called by God to Preach His Word. The assignment in her life to Preach God’s Word, open new doors of understanding and a greater love for God became the Focus Point in her life.


After seeking God and all His Righteousness first; God thereafter allowed her to be found by her loving, supportive husband Don. Sharon is blessed to have 2 biological children Tony and Carla, 5 God children and a host of Spiritual Sons and Daughter that follows her leadership and counsel.


On the trail of her Ministerial walk she started out as a little girl singing in choirs and doing solos at various churches. Sharon was not eager to preach the gospel being recognize as a preacher. It was in 1996 when God called her to preach; but due to the beliefs taught in her circle of family and friends that a woman is not call to preached; she spoke at various churches and social events for 4 years as a Speaker.


In the year of 2000 the month of December, God gave Sharon a choice to come forward and announce her position in Christ. This encounter lead her to preach her ordination sermon entitling “All Or None”. At the From Earth to Glory Ministries, she served as First Lady and was licensed as an Evangelist. The next turn was taken at the Praise Temple Full Gospel Baptist Church, were Sharon was licensed as Elder. As the road of life continued, it took her to the next stop as Pastor. Pastor Sharon Boykins is now pastoring the Positive Change Ministries Church. God has truly used her to minister to the world; sending her as far as California to Atlanta Georgia.

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